Monday, December 1, 2008

Too Many Lights

This morning when my alarm started playing the radio at 5:45, I awoke to much bright light! Lizzie was in her bathroom (or ladies room as she prefers to call it) and had turned on the hall and all the other bedroom lights as well. I'm thinking this is way too early for her to get up as I stumbled over the dogs still half asleep to see what the heck was going on. She was in the bathroom and was tugging at the top her nightshirt. When she looked up and saw me, she said, "Can you help me, Honey? Something is bothering me and I want to get it off." So I looked carefully considering the possibilities only to find absolutely NOTHING on her shirt. I told her everything is OK now, and she could go back to sleep. Lizzie asked, "Are you SURE?" and assure her I did. I went into the kitchen to let the dogs out, and by the time I returned to the hallway, all the lights had been turned off (by Lizzie), and she was curled up in bed all snuggled under the blankets fast asleep. When she awoke again an hour and a half later when HER alarm went off, she didn't reference that occurrence at all. Nor did I.

Her trainers at WARC reported that she had a good and peaceful day today. I will tell you more about her days at WARC in another post. Readers can learn more about Washoe ARC at and I can tell you I observe that when she has a peaceful day there, her evenings at home will be settled. For example, she has been occupied with the daily newspaper for quite some time now at the kitchen table, and I just heard her say to herself, "I had better get my act together" as she hustled about putting it down and trotting off to the bedroom to get ready for bed. That's kind of like the old Liz before AD.

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