Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I remember Lizzie as Dr. Charlie.  She had a folder on each of her patients, which I am proud to say I am one of. She would take your temp and B.P., and check your reflexes and heart beat with her stethoscope all with the lightest touch a human can have. Then she would proceed to give you a massage that after playing baseball for over 20 years, no trainer could compete with. She has these strong tiny hands and can find a sore spot before you know it is and then was sore.


  1. OMGoodness ... Dr. Charlie! Lizzie would take up to 20 minutes setting up her doctor's bag and equipment in a most specific manner. She would interview me with questions about signs and symptoms and take written notes like no MD has ever done! Sometimes I would make stuff up just to keep her working on me in her most mesmerizing way until I finally started to drift. She ended my exams with a foot rub that surpasses any professional massage I have ever had. Lizzie isn't interested in Dr. Charlie any more, and I miss these moments with her.

  2. Hi Yo!
    I fondly remember the times I played "restaurant" with my good friend Debbie McClure. We would take turns being the customer and the waitress. We had so much fun making the menus, of course they were very limited! I think the only things that were on the menu were Oreo cookies, milk, and PBJ's!!! But when I think of it...what else did we need??? Gosh...how the fun in my life has revolved around food and friends!!!!!! Oh, by the way, Debbie was deaf! Yup, she couldn't hear/speak and I didn't know sign language! We didn't need either...
    Blessings in Christ's Love, JoJo