Friday, June 26, 2009

Chicago Here We Come!

For the past two summers I have given serious consideration to visiting our hometown of Chicago, Actually, five years ago I gave serious consideration to moving BACK to Chicago; however, at the time, the entire idea felt so overwhelmingly monstrous that I tossed it aside. Besides, I didn’t have a job nor a place to live in Chicago, and I did here in Reno. So her we are … pondering whether or not Lizzie can make such a trip for a few days.

This past year has been stressful to say the least, and my soul has longed for a sense of “going home” (on this earth). I also have been plagued with the thoughts of “I want Lizzie to see our relatives and them to see her before it’s too late.” I eventually got to the point of “I want to go and that’s it. Lizzie will just have to suck it up and come along!” I placed our suitcases prominently on the dining room table for a couple of months to get her psyched-up and prepared for the trip all to no avail. All I heard was “I’m not going.“ “You can’t make me.” “They should come here.”

Eventually, our departure date arrived and though she protested vehemently as the days approached, this day she calmly got herself into the car for the trip to the airport. Once there, Liz announced “I’ll go this time but it’s the last time.” She sat quietly in the wheelchair I had waiting for her as we began our walk through the airport. Lo and behold, we see our dear friend Joann! She was traveling that day as well and what a blessing it was to see her! She helped me manage Lizzie in the chair and our carry-ons as we proceeded through security and to our gate. We had smiles and laughter galore and what a great start it all was because she added that aspect of familiarity to a rather new type of day to Lizzie.