Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mysterious Light

I thought it most strange that I would have left the living room lights on all night when I got up this morning and went into the kitchen to begin my morning routine.  I wondered if I am starting to lose my mind and if I left them on all night.  The possibility of an intruder entered my brain, and I checked all the doors which were locked and secure.  The dogs hadn’t barked all night, and I am certain I would have heard them had they done so.  Nothing looked disturbed in the house; all was as I left it the night before.  No, I specifically remember I turned the lights off because I also remember telling myself to be careful not to stub my toes on the side-table I most recently placed in the dining room.  Elizabeth must have been walking around the house during the night.  I must place a reminder note at my bedside to lock the front security door before I retire for the night beginning tonight.


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