Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Sleep Allowed

Just as I was dozing off shortly after the previous post, I heard "twin sister .... twin sister ..."

Lizzie was wide awake, and I don't even know for sure if she ever fell asleep since she went to bed 2 hours ago. She was fidgeting with the blankets, sighing deeply, and talking to herself. When I approached her with just the hall lights on, she said, "Twin sister, there's a dog in here. Where did that dog come from?" I reminded her that we have 2 dogs, and that what she thinks she saw was probably one of our dogs.

I thought wow ... she is too awake for me to get any sleep tonight, and I just can't imagine that possibility. So I gave her a sleeping aid / herb called Holy Basil. This is something I have found that helps me sleep when I need it too. I am not one for sleeping pills per se because of the addictive possibilities, so I did research at Whole Foods about what to use instead. Holy Basil seems to work well.

Lizzie is still talking to herself as I am writing this post. Maybe when all the lights go off she will settle down. Let's hope and pray so. Good night!


  1. Just an amazing story and one's venture thru so many different stages in our life. Your journey has been one of great joy, happiness and sorrows as the years have passed by. I am so sorry to hear of the current state of affairs but also amazed at the productive life Lizzie has been able to accomplish. My prayers go out to you and sis as there are big decisions to be made toward Lizzie's care and Dr. Yiota's peace of mind and knowing that the right things have been done. God Bless.

  2. My heart goes out to you both. As the mother of a young child with Down syndrome (although she's an only child, and will remain as such), and the granddaughter to two grandmothers who have/had Alzheimer's/dementia, I feel that your story is important for me to follow, and I appreciate so much that you blog about it. Thank you, and all the best.