Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New Schedule

We have a new support schedule that includes a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons which is turning out to be a God-send for me. Lizzie also has a new (what's called ...) Trainer who comes up with terrific ideas about where to take Lizzie for social entertainment. Today they are shopping at craft stores and yesterday they hung out at Whole Foods for lunch and all other fun things Whole Foods offers its customers on Saturdays. My sister is a go-go girl in that she LUVS to be on the go so much so that I cannot keep up with her! So to have someone to help entertain her rather than watch her stand at the door endlessly waiting for me to take her somewhere is a blessing without a doubt! Thank you Cathy! And one of these posts I will tell you the story of arranging such support which is still a primary intention of this blog. Until then ... we'll be thankful for each and every day we have together and for those who He sends to help carry us through, right?

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