Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fixation or Concentration?

Lizzie's support trainer told me that Lizzie was talking nonstop about a Larry today, and of course Lidia wanted to know who is Larry. So I asked Lizzie who she was talking about ... "Larry who?" "You know who," she replied. "No, no I don't ... Cousin Larry?" "Oh come on now ... you know who." Hmmmm .... don't know any other Larry's .. oh wait! "Larry C___?" "Yes, I TOLD you so," she exclaimed with total glee in her face. WOW ... I finally got it! LC was her very first State of NV Social Worker who she hasn't seen in many many years. Lidia told me Lizzie was looking for him all day today and wanted to phone him as well. So I explained to Lizzie how he doesn't have that job any more and that Janet took his place. She was most upset to hear this bit of news. Finally, Lidia said, "Listen ... he's not around any more and that's just the way it is." Then the classic response ... "Don't tell me that! Now I have to find someone ELSE to concentrate on" ... followed by a big sigh.

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