Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do's and Dont's

Lizzie had a wonderful weekend here, and I am SO happy about that! Yesterday we strolled around Lowe's basically in search of a new paint color for our kitchen, and then I took her to the salon with me. She was having SUCH a good day that I asked her if she would like to have her hair shampooed and styled. To my surprise she said, "Sure, why not?" OMGoodness! She was like my ol' twin sister who always loved to be pampered almost as much as I do! She walked out looking absolutely adorable with short bangs and a nice layered chin-length cut.

The group home has a hairdresser come in every now and then to cut everyone's hair which is a convenient way of keeping the ladies groomed. Trouble is, they all get the same butch-like cut, and that just isn't Lizzie. Lizzie is a fashionista like her sister, although again ... to a somewhat lesser degree. Nonetheless, I have always done my best to keep her looking good, in-style, and well-groomed.

We came home and did a steak BBQ on the patio. Lizzie takes a very long time to eat her food these days, and tonight was no different. She seems to get so distracted with her environment that she just can't get the task done without aid in the form of regular prompts and/or actually putting the food in her mouth. I know they feed her at the group home in order to get the event completed in a reasonable amount of time, but I would prefer she do it herself as much as possible.

Lizzie used to have exquisite table manners, and I NEVER hesitated to take her ANYwhere for a meal. Now her skills have declined such that she doesn't even hold a fork correctly. I see her putting food on it with her fingers, and sometimes even eating with her fingers so as to avoid the fork. Using a knife is a skill long gone. These observations break my heart because the scene in and of itself is so barbaric in many way I wonder where can it go from here. Lizzie doesn't like it when I try to slip a fork or spoon into her mouth. She screams, "Stop it!" and yet I just don't know of another way to get her to eat a complete meal.

I think ahead to our traditional holiday gatherings which are just around the corner. Watching Lizzie eat is kinda gross these day, and I can only hope our family of friends will understand.

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