Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Good Change

My heart is pounding hard and fast.

I just received a phone call from the group home with a report that my sister's behavior has changed in that she has become more independent this week. She is dressing herself, feeding herself, and putting herself to bed. She is happy and has not mentioned me much at all. I can't help but wonder WHY? She DID have a great weekend here with me ... WHY?

Have you ever heard of what is called the "last hurrah"? You know ... the last few days prior to a person's death from a debilitating illness when the patient seems to be doing really well ... so well it's hard to even imagine they are sick. Then they die.

Is this what is happening to my sister? Oh my goodness ... I am sooooo scared and filled with so many emotions right now. I'm afraid to write everything I am thinking ... I don't want to jinx anything. Then again, I know I can't do that because God is in control I am planning on having her here with me this weekend, and now I can hardly wait until tomorrow afternoon. Oh dear!

Prayer time for God's grace and mercy.

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