Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning

Lizzie's agitation was the worst I have seen it to date last night ... and then I remembered how she used to enjoy relaxing on the massage mat I had bought for her years ago. It wasn't easy coercing her to try it for a few minutes, but once she did ... wow ... she DID relax! After about 20 minutes, I asked her if she was ready to go to bed, and she agreed she was ready indeed. WooHoo! She slept 10-12 hours and is in a good mood this morning.

Being Saturday, I made her waffles for breakfast. Lizzie's meals used to be very structured by her choice. She wanted waffles on Saturday, some kind of pasta on Sunday, chocolate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday ONLY. I often wished I had her control over the chocolate issue! HA! When Dad was alive, he used to come over and make her pasta on Sundays, and when he died, I did continue that tradition for her. None of these favorites on specific days matter to her any more though, and getting her to eat ANYthing is a chore although she isn't doing too badly with the waffles this morning.

I have SO much to write ...

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