Friday, November 28, 2008


Every day I learn more about blogging ... my new hobby (although I haven't yet figured out why the photos sometimes disappear).  I will be sending an invite-to-post to all of my friends I have an email address for at this time.  This means that if you follow the directions, you should be able to create a NEW post of your own on this BLOG.  If you just want to write a COMMENT in response to another POST, simply click on the COMMENTS link located directly under the post itself.  This is easy, actually ... it just takes a while to figure it all out. If you do not receive an invite, please tell me in the COMMENT section below this POST, and I will include you ... it's that easy.  I am wanting to create other BLOGS as well, and you can find the links to them in my profile (way down at the end/bottom of that page) on this BLOG if you are interested.  I remain TheGreekDiva now a.k.a TheHappyBlogger ... HA HA HA HA HA!


  1. So, you have changed from 'Love Doctor' to 'Love Diva'!!!!!!

  2. Not really because I will get a Love Doctor BLOG up and running soon as well! The Greek Diva name originated at our last birthday party. We were sitting around the table at ZoZo's with 6 gal pals, and Lisa said, "Yiota, you are a diva!" They all got into that and before we left, it was decided I will be TheGreekDiva! HA HA