Wednesday, March 7, 2012



I have been absent from ALL my blogs of late because I have been making documentaries of our lives together since late December. Life has been a tough struggle for the Two Twin Sisters, and I often wonder if we will survive this chapter in our lives. I will not go into all of it now ... rather ... you can go to youtube if you are interested and type "blogchicDOC" into the search box. You will see our videos (I'm a bit behind in editing, though).

Suffice to say we are doing better now, praise God! We are challenged daily by state "requirements" and agency "schedules" to make our lives work so that Lizzie can live here at home with her twin sister. I love this little woman and am dedicated to do my damn best to make it work so she can be at home where she is safe, loved, and nurtured to the best of my ability.

I detest having so many women in and out of my house as caregivers. No matter how wonderful they are, this is not their home and they do not respect it as such. Example being that I have just repainted my kitchen walls. I came home this evening to find scrape marks on the wall because the chair was pushed against the wall. Is this necessary? Of course not. Is this an important aspect of life? Of course not. Does this irritate me anyway? OF COURSE IT DOES! HA HA. Maybe I need mood adjusters, HUH?

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